Legal & Community Service

I am an active member of the Indiana and Wayne County Bar Associations. I currently serve as the Vice President of the Wayne County Bar Association.

I have participated in many legal outreach programs, especially those directed at youth and students. For several years, I participated in an annual career fair for high school students at Indiana University East interested in pursuing a career in the practice of law. I also participated in Indiana State Bar Association educational outreach programs directed to elementary students. When the opportunity presents itself, I participate in efforts to provide education on various legal topics to groups such as community service organizations, nonprofits, churches, and political groups. I have been a presenter at continuing legal and mediation education programs.

A successful career in the practice of law has tremendously blessed me. I am called within this profession to accordingly be a blessing to my community. With that mindset, my practice has been devoted to serving others. For four and one-half years I served as a full-time Public Defender where I exclusively represented indigent criminal clients. I have also represented clients on a pro bono basis.

For the majority of my practice outside of being a full-time Public Defender, I have accepted appointments to represent indigent criminal defendants and juveniles in six different courts (constituting three counties), appointments for indigent parents in child in need of services and termination of parental rights cases in three different courts, and appointments for indigent appellate litigants in several courts. I also assist courts by accepting appointments when their public defenders are conflicted out of cases. I accept these appointments because I strongly believe justice should be denied to no person.

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